Isoparametric theory and its applications

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LecturerWenjiao YanBeijing Normal University

ThemeIsoparametric theory and its applications

TimeNov. 30  2017    09:50Am-10:50Am

PlaceLecture room 3rd

AbstractIn this talk, we will give a brief introduction to isoparametric theory, then survey some applications, including proving Yau’s first eigenvalue conjecture in the isoparametric case, giving counterexamples to Yau’s 76th problem in his problem section, finding a series of simply connected examples of Besse problem on the generalization of Einstein condition, and obtaining the normal scalar curvature inequality and explaining its equality cases. This talk is based on joint work with Professor Zizhou Tang, Jianquan Ge and Yuquan Xie.

 InviterXianfeng Wang