• School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) of Nankai University, formerly known as the Department of Mathematics, was founded in 1920 by Mr. Jiang Lifu, one of the earliest and most successful pioneersof modern mathematics. It was the second Department of Mathematics (the arithmetic department) at that time in China. In May 1997, we established the SMS on the base of the Department of Mathematics.

    Since the establishment of Department of Mathematics, during the past 90 years, there have been a lot of outstanding mathematicians who have worked there, such as: Yan Zhida, Wang Zikun, Ke Zhao, Wu Daren, Hu Guoding, Liu Jinnian, Qian BaoCong, Shen Youchang, Jiang Shuomin, Sun Benwang, Deng Hanying, Zhou Xueguang, Zeng Dinghe, Yang Zongpan and so on.Thanks tothe painstaking efforts and hard work of several generations, Nankai Mathematics has achieved remarkable performances in teaching, research and talents cultivation. Shiing-Shen Chern, Jiang Zehan, Wu Daren, Liu Jinnian, Shen Youchang and Sun Benwang are the excellent representatives of outstanding mathematical talents.

    There are eight teaching and research divisions in SMS: Department of Mathematics, Department of Information and Probability, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Scientific and Engineering Computing, Department of Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science, Department of Higher Mathematicsand Institute of Computational Sciences. We also have the Key Laboratory of pure Mathematics and Combinatorics, Ministry of Education.

    Nankai Mathematics is the first- level discipline. There are three second-level disciplines, namely Basic Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics. Among them, Basic Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics are the traditional and superior disciplines. SMShave PhD programs in mathematics and statistics, and owned a post-doctoral research station. We enroll graduate students in five second disciplines, such as Basic Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Economics and Bioinformatics, and one first-level discipline, Statistics.

    SMS has a knowledgeable and rigorous academic team in a wide range of research fields. We have 69 full-time teachers, including 26 professors, 29 associate professors and 14 lecturers. Among them, one was enrolled in ‘The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts in National level’, one was enrolled in ‘The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts in Tianjin level’, one is the winner of ‘The National Outstanding Youth Science Fund’, six teachers were enrolled in ‘Ministry of Education in the New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan’, and one was awarded as ‘National Prestigious Teacher’. In addition, we have 5 chair Professors, one of which is enrolled in ‘Short-time Project of The Recruitment Program of Global Experts and Innovative Talents in Tianjin level’.

    There are 3 undergraduate majors in SMS, such as mathematics and applied mathematics, Information and computer science and Statistics. We have a national basic science research and teaching talent training base, formerly known as a pilot mathematics class, which was established by Mr. Shiing-Shen Chern. This base,’ Training basic math talent’, won ‘1st prize in national teaching achievement’ and was awarded as ‘Tianjin special working model collective’ in 2001’ and won ‘National Labor Award’ in 2002. ‘Mathematics Culture Project Team’ won ‘National Labor Award’ in 2007.

    To implement the strategy of ‘Talents enrich university’, speed up the development of every disciplines in SMS and gather brilliant high-level talents at home and abroad, SMS is seeking high-leveled talents and ‘young and middle-aged’ academic leaders as Nankai Chair professorship. Nankai University will provide competitive introduction treatment and a series of policies to support. SMS will offer comfortable office, the distribution of teaching and research resources, the organization of research team and the establishment of research platform. For ‘The Recruitment Program of Global Experts’ in national or Tianjin level , SMS will offer settling-in allowance 80,000 YuanRMB, research start-up fund 100,000 Yuan RMB. For ‘Short-time Project of The Recruitment Program of Global Experts and Innovative Talents in Tianjin level’, during the contact term, SMS will complement research fund 200,000 Yuan RMB, yearly salary 100,000 YuanRMB(According to the actual working days).

    School of Mathematical Sciences sincerely welcomes you to join us!